As the sun sets, workers harvest hops in Yakima Valley, Washington— the largest producer of hopes in the United States, with about 80 percent of the crop. The hop harvest began the last week of August and will continue until the end of September. Growers expect to yield and average crop, and that some growers have been shifting to special flavor varieties that are favored by the craft brewing industry.

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Cherry bomb chili peppers, Crawford Vineyard grapes, eggplant from Buggirl’s garden

Efrain Palencia, a longtime employee, drops clusters of viognier grapes at Crawford Vineyard to lessen to load to help with the ripening process. Crawford Vineyard, located about four miles outside of Prosser, Wash., supplies cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, lemberger and merlot grapes to Thurston Wolfe Winery in Vintner’s Village.

Johnson Orchards, in Yakima, sell freshly made pies on Fridays and Saturdays out of their bakeshop.

Margaret Smith, 61, and her husband Ed Smith, 58, lost almost all their possessions, including their cars, from a fire at the Lighthouse Apartments in South Seattle in late July. Margaret said the fire began soon after they returned home from church. Only left with her wedding ring, purse and clothes on her back, the couple is currently residing at The Mission’s men’s shelter in downtown Seattle.

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Jocelyn Cunningham, 13, hula-hoops outside her home, where she lives with her parents and four siblings. Her mother, Desirae Cunningham, thinks her house is one of the older ones on their quiet street, likely built in the early 1900s. Even though the South Park is surrounded by industrial zone, Desirae says she enjoys the neighborhood because of the interactions with other families and that her children are able to walk safely from the nearby elementary school.

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